Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Bunnies, bunnies, bunnies ...
I've been home today,
hippity hop :))))
and while I was pottering around,
as you do,
I started thinking about Easter,
and a little part of Easter
that I really like ...
bunnies :)
(and you all thought I would say chocolate
didn't you :)
I've got a few little bunnies
around here
and I am pretty sure here's where
it all started ...
... the child gave me this little cutie
way way way back :)
And from there ...
you know what they say about bunnies :)
... a card and some trim ...
... one of Barb's very sweet
 little button story
 that I did some years ago ...
... bunnies in teacups...
... and another hiding
in amongst
 the buttons jars ...

... framed ...
... a gorgeous gift from
 a gorgeous friend :) ...

... bunnie dolls I made when I had the shop,
and she is still a favourite
(thanks to Rosalie
for such a gorgeous pattern)...

... bunnie baskets for treats ...

... cross stitch bunnies ...
... ceramic bunnies ...
(a gift from another
wonderful friend)
... cute bunnie pictures on my inspiration board ...
... easter egg bunnies ...

... and my most recent addition to the bunnie family.
What's not to like about bunnies,
they make me smile.
Gotta hop along now :)
See you

Saturday, April 12, 2014


Well, yes ....
it's been a month ....
and do you know what I have been doing
for the past month - working!!!
Just the way it goes sometimes,
but my goodness,
it's been a very very very long month.
Today I am having a day off
and I don't care in the least that it
is cold and wintry outside,
it's just nice to be home :)
So... the challenge ....
the Strawberry Tarts have actually met twice
since I showed you the challenge,
but have to say,
the first get together was a non-event
when it came to show and tell.
One of them forgot to bring hers:)
... and the other couldn't make it :)
 I had stitched some of mine
so was secretly quite relieved that
we had more time to complete it.
This is as far as I got back then ...
... and when we got together a couple of nights ago,
this was what I showed them ...
... I know,
it looks remarkably similar doesn't it :)
So we have a bit over a month to complete it
and I have to get myself organised
to make up the next challenge kit for these girls.
Now that is going to be fun.
Did a little bit of this stitching
at some point over the past few weeks.
They're two little projects
I'm working on.
Slow going though :)
Sometimes you've just got to make some stitches
even though you are not quite sure
where they are going.
 I have a vague idea of what these
will become,
but in the meantime,
I will just keep adding a few more stitches
until ...  
I think that winter has arrived today -
it is sooooo chilly.
I have some bits and bobs to put on the sale page,
but I think I will be not moving very far
from the heater.
And then I'm thinking,
a few more stitches,
a glass of red,
and can I have chocolate with that as well:)
See you :)

Monday, March 10, 2014

The Challenge

A few weeks back,
two friends and I got together
for an evening of pizza, wine and lots of chat.
We call ourselves
"The Strawberry Tarts" :)
Don't ask - it's a long story :)
one of the tarts brought along
a little parcel
of goodies for each of us,
and set the challenge.
We had until the next ''meeting''
to make something using the contents
of the parcel.
Here's what we got ...
...gorgeous hand dyed wool blanket,
velvet, laces...
... trims...
...a fabulous big button
and a very special printed piece.
And this is what I've done ...
... well, its what I've done so far :)
I've just placed the dyed woollen blanket piece
onto a backing of linen,
and tonight I begin to stitch:)
We meet on Wednesday
so best I get cracking.
I may need chocolate
and a glass of wine
to help with the creative process :)
See you

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Little parcels of treasures

It feels like winter today -
is it that time of the year already??
I am certain that autumn only started a few days ago,
so how come we have leapt straight into winter!!!!
 I've been stuck inside for the day,
so I decided to spend it playing around
with some of my favourite fabrics,
laces and trims,
and make some really
little parcels of treasures
to pop on the
bit's and pieces for sale...
... gorgeous roses,
 some little hearts I made a while back,
and also
some sweet shabby roses...

... a little bundle of vintage inspired treats,
with laces and buttons ...

... a bit of this and a bit of that ...
... I know it's not stitching
but it's been really really nice
just pottering around for the day,
finding the perfect little bits and pieces
 that go together.
Now ,
I am going to go and make a coffee,
and bake a cake -
because there is no chocolate in the house
so the next best thing is,
of course,
chocolate cake :)
Gotta go :)
See you

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Button Bags

Wow, it is the most fabulous sunny and warm day
here in Dunners today.
Picked a good day for my day off :)
Lunch outside in the sun,
blissfully quiet
and peaceful.
I have been making these little
button bags again.
I have a gazillion spare buttons:)
They'd make a cute wee gift
for a stitchy friend,
don't you think.
They're on the
bits and pieces page on the side bar
if you'd like one :)
I am thinking about going outside into the garden.
Whether I actually do anything,
....oh lets see....
for instance,
is possibly quite unlikely :)
I may just sit and soak up the sun :)
See you later

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Bunnie Baskets

I found a couple of these
lurking in my sewing room today.
The pattern comes complete with the
gorgeous little blue and pink
easter bunnie buttons,
hand painted
but the equally gorgeous
Barb :)
(and you can see more of those
beautiful buttons here).
I've popped them on the
''sale'' page,
over on the side bar.
See you :)

Sunday, February 16, 2014

French General

I made this quilt top
a couple of years ago and
it's still a quilt top.
I suspect that in another couple of years
it will still be just a top...
think I might sell it.
Have been busy at work
getting ready for all the lovely new yarn
that's arriving...
possibly this week:)
Quite excited about that.
I have a feeling that my
 knitting needles
 crochet hooks,
might be quite busy
this year.
See you :)